Microarray Products

Glomics currently offers three different microarrays: GeoChip 5.0S, GeoChip 5.0M, and HumiChip. All arrays use the Agilent array platform and contain either 8 or 4 arrays per slide.

GeoChip 5.0S contains approximately 60,000 gene probes covering the core biogeochemical cycles (C, N, P, and S) as well as common pollutant degradation and metal and antibiotic resistance based on oxidation, reduction, or degradation of those compounds (i.e., no transporter genes are included). This version is ideal for general ecology studies.

GeoChip 5.0M contains approximately 180,000 gene probes and covers all of the gene sequences on 5.0S plus transporters involved in metal homeostasis and antibiotic resistance, genes for stress response, electron transfer, and secondary metabolism as well as viral genes.

HumiChip 2.0 contains approximately 180,000 gene probes for analyzing human microbiomes from different body sites (oral, skin, vaginal, gut, and airways) and covers 139 key functional gene families important for the human microbiome. Covered genes are involved in the metabolism of amino acids, carbohydrates, glycans, lipids, nucleotides, cofactors and vitamins, glycan biosynthesis, translation, antibiotic resistance and stress response as well as some strain-/species-specific probes for 2,063 sequenced genomes.

All analyses come with access to a data analysis pipeline.


Glomics currently offers target gene sequencing and shotgun metageneome sequencing. All sequencing is done on an Illumina MiSeq desktop sequencer.

Target gene sequencing. Currently, sequencing of 16S, ITS2, and nifH genes are available. Contact us if you are interested in other genes.

Shotgun metagenome sequencing. Shotgun sequencing can be done for any sample type. The MiSeq can provide ~ 7.5 G data per run.

All analyses come with access to a data analysis pipeline.